Sunday, January 18, 2015

College Post #1: New semester/ Organization Tips

As the new semester is about to begin for me on the 19th of January. I started to look back on the last semester and it wasn't a successful one for me because I failed 3 out of the 4 classes that I was doing. It devastated me because this meant that my graduation date would be pushed back to November 2016 instead of 2015. The reasoning behind me failing was due to me starting a new job in October (if you read my last post, I was unemployed for 8 months) and wasn't able to balance everything. It was so difficult because it was also the Christmas season which meant I had to help in cleaning and preparing the house. As well as doing shopping, so it was a lot to try to maintain all at once. Registration for the new semester began on the 12th of January and final year students had first preference to registering which I am so I registered at 12 a.m. I took a day off work that same day to see if I could have by-passed some prerequisite courses, which couldn't happened unfortunately and to also get some other information about doing the bachelors. I thought to myself that I didn't want to fail any more, that I'm tired of it. And I have begun to lose confidence in myself in whether or not I will ever finish my associates degree so I can start my bachelors. I decided to take this failure as an opportunity to do better. To prove myself in accounting because I'm "second guessing" myself on whether I still want to purse accounting. So maybe doing them over might answer that question. I am only taking three classes this semester. Intermediate Cost Accounting, Statistics and Management.

At the humble age of 21, I thought that I should have already started my bachelors and maybe some what had my life on track and closer to my goals. But one day I was browsing through my facebook and saw this. It changed my train of thought about the situation. It also made me thought of close family members and friends who are not even in university or haven't even accomplished anything in high school and they are already in their early and mid 20's with children. I am not judging them, I actually praise them for what they do because everybody is not the same. But it just goes to show that they are not even trying and I am but yet still feels like if I am so far from accomplishing my goal.

I am a huge YouTube addict so I've watched a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube about their tips and also got some ideas from pinterest about organization. So I gathered up 8 tips to help you all who are busy with your everyday life of working, going to school and trying to balance your social life.

Organization Tip #1

Planner/Agenda or Calendar:-

This is the most important item when it comes to organization. If you can't get one you can also use a notebook the same size. It can help you a lot when it comes to organization. Every thing that you need to do will be laid out neatly on a monthly and weekly basis. A calendar can help as well. You can place it on your desk or above it so you won't miss an important date.

Organization Tip #2

Home-work/ Study Area:-

It's best if you have a comfortable work station rather than lying on your bed or sofa because you tend to get too comfortable. Having a desk dedicated for school can help you be a lot more productive and also having everything in one place as well.

Organization Tip #3

Colour code notes:-

If you are a visual learner, colour coding your notes can help. It helps to see all the main headings and sub headings pretty laid out. It can also be cute too.

Organization Tip #4

Sticky Notes & checklists:-

Having a planner may be similar to using sticky notes and checklist. But this can be an extra way to be organized. It can not only be used for school but for also other tasks to help your day run smoothly. Schedule your time to a specific task and check them off one by one when they are done.

Organization Tip #5

Pack the night before:-

This tip is something everybody should know. Always pack the night before, no matter where you are going. To work, to school, to run errands, etc. Rather than getting up in the morning and scampering to find everything.

Organization Tip #6

Read material before class:-

Reading the material before class helps you understand the chapter better whether it is maths, science or french. You will have an idea of the concept so when the lecturer is teaching, it will be easier to comprehend.

Organization Tip #7

Schedule consistent study times:-

Schedule consistent study times everyday so in that way you will know how to co-ordinate your time so non of it will be wasted on figuring out what to do.

Organization Tip #8

Table of Contents in your notebooks:-

When taking notes for any class leave a few pages in front of the book for a table of contents for easy to find access when it's time to look things up and study for finals and tests. Also tabs would work well too.

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