Sunday, February 22, 2015

Carnival Part 3 & Ootd

Good Morning and Happy Sunday. This week has been one of the best. It was Carnival week. But it went by so fast. Even though I didn't indulge in it much still please take me back. Lol. It was so hard getting up to go to work on Wednesday so I stayed home. Thursday I was still feeling tired but the weekend was so near so I got up and went to work.

Carnival Sunday (15.02.15)
Last week Sunday was Carnival Sunday. As I mentioned in my last post, I go every year to the capital as a tradition with my family but not much of them went this time because some of them was working and some was by the beach. So it was only a few of us this time but I still enjoyed it.

Carnival Sunday Ootd
This is the outfit that I wore on Carnival Sunday to go in Port of Spain to see Kiddies Carnival with my family.

Carnival Monday & Tuesday (16.02.15 & 17.02.15)
This year I decided not to take part in Carnival because I want to buy a new phone. So I worked on a Carnival band drinks truck called Fantasy both Monday and Tuesday with family and friends. It was so hectic but the days passed by so fast. Half an hour before close off time on Tuesday night I came down off the truck along with three of my cousins and we danced until it was almost time to go home. We had so much fun. It was the best part of those two days.

Carnival is over now and it's back to reality so this is my last Carnival post. I enjoyed Carnival a lot even though I didn't really participate much. It went by too fast for me though. Have a great and productive week.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Carnival Part 2

This week gone by has been filled with so many excitement. Machel Monday was on Monday 9th of February. It was held in the Hasely Crawford Stadium. A taping of the show was shown on Tuesday night and it has been scheduled to be shown 3 other nights as well. Machel Montano is one of the biggest soca artistes and has been in the business for 33 years. The Monday before Carnival he has one of the biggest concerts. This year he has been referring to himself as Monk Monte because he has been on this spiritual journey.

Kerwin Du Bois & Machel Montano

The crowd at Machel Monday

                    Machel Montano has released this video about two weeks ago about his journey.

             He also premiered his music video for his most popular song for the season "Like a boss" on Monday 9th February. 

Friday was Fantastic Friday (Carnival Friday) and the most anticipated competition was held. The Soca Monarch finals. Machel Montano had to defend his crown for being the winner of the power category last year. The winner of the groovy category last year decided not to defend this year.

2014 Soca Monarch Winners

                                                     Groovy category - Kerwin Du Bois

Power category - Machel Montano

2015 Soca Monarch Winners

Groovy category - Olatunji Yearwood

Power category - Machel Montano

Today is Carnival Sunday and my family and I will be going to the capital, Port of Spain to watch kiddies Carnival. It has been a tradition from since I was younger, we go every year. Even though I am older now and I am not so much interested in seeing the costumes. I still go to lime with my family to continue the tradition. I love going, I enjoy it a lot. When it is over we usually go an get food and eat at the place we bought it at or we either carry it home. On Monday afternoon I went to do some shopping in the area that I work in which is San Juan for this day. Every year I always buy whatever is in style and currently trending. My post next week I will talk about how today went and I will also have pictures as well. So stay tuned until next week and have an amazing and productive week. For all the Trini's and the visitors have a safe and enjoyable carnival.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Carnival Part 1

My country Trinidad and Tobago celebrates Carnival. There are so many events that take place leading up to this big two day event. The main event is parade of the bands on a Monday and Tuesday depending on the catholic calendar which ever week Ash Wednesday falls on. They launch the carnival bands the year before in November. The action really starts as soon as the Christmas season is over. There is a number of fetes like fire fete, army fete, wasa fete, ladies night out, etc. There is campus carnival which is basically like j'ouvert. The competitions are also a big thing during the season. There is soca monarch, chutney soca monarch, panorama, calypso king and queen, etc. On Carnival Saturday and Sunday there is kiddies carnival. In the wee hours of Monday morning at around 2 a.m is when the j'ouvert and ole mas competition takes place. On Monday and Tuesday there is parade of the bands. Tuesday is the last day of carnival so there are huge parties in the capital at night. And they call that night last lap. I love Trinidad and Tobago so much. I love our culture. We are known for our parties. Below are a few pictures of various events during the Carnival season. It is such an amazing sight to see. Once god continues to spear life I would be taking part in it more and more each year.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Online Shopping

Online Shopping has always been a dream of mine. I used to see so many items that I wished I could buy but I didn't have a credit card and I still don't have one but my mom got one. I wasn't working so a credit card would have basically been pointless. So I have been using my mom's own until I get my own which I will be applying for soon because I am working but instead it would be a master card. I live in Trinidad and Tobago so the prices here verses in United States or other countries differs a lot. It is more cheaper overseas to purchase certain clothing and electronics. But what I enjoy about it the most is that I get to do it in the comfort of my own home without all the hustle and bustle. The disadvantage in that is that I don't get to try on the clothing or see the actually size of the items. I am totally obsessed with shopping online. Below is a list of my favourite sites.










I haven't bought from all the sites but I have seen people that has bought from them and they got amazing things. These sites has sale on different items all the time. Once you are subscribed they send you emails of all the deals that they have. Have a safe and productive week.

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