Sunday, February 8, 2015

Carnival Part 1

My country Trinidad and Tobago celebrates Carnival. There are so many events that take place leading up to this big two day event. The main event is parade of the bands on a Monday and Tuesday depending on the catholic calendar which ever week Ash Wednesday falls on. They launch the carnival bands the year before in November. The action really starts as soon as the Christmas season is over. There is a number of fetes like fire fete, army fete, wasa fete, ladies night out, etc. There is campus carnival which is basically like j'ouvert. The competitions are also a big thing during the season. There is soca monarch, chutney soca monarch, panorama, calypso king and queen, etc. On Carnival Saturday and Sunday there is kiddies carnival. In the wee hours of Monday morning at around 2 a.m is when the j'ouvert and ole mas competition takes place. On Monday and Tuesday there is parade of the bands. Tuesday is the last day of carnival so there are huge parties in the capital at night. And they call that night last lap. I love Trinidad and Tobago so much. I love our culture. We are known for our parties. Below are a few pictures of various events during the Carnival season. It is such an amazing sight to see. Once god continues to spear life I would be taking part in it more and more each year.

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