Sunday, February 22, 2015

Carnival Part 3 & Ootd

Good Morning and Happy Sunday. This week has been one of the best. It was Carnival week. But it went by so fast. Even though I didn't indulge in it much still please take me back. Lol. It was so hard getting up to go to work on Wednesday so I stayed home. Thursday I was still feeling tired but the weekend was so near so I got up and went to work.

Carnival Sunday (15.02.15)
Last week Sunday was Carnival Sunday. As I mentioned in my last post, I go every year to the capital as a tradition with my family but not much of them went this time because some of them was working and some was by the beach. So it was only a few of us this time but I still enjoyed it.

Carnival Sunday Ootd
This is the outfit that I wore on Carnival Sunday to go in Port of Spain to see Kiddies Carnival with my family.

Carnival Monday & Tuesday (16.02.15 & 17.02.15)
This year I decided not to take part in Carnival because I want to buy a new phone. So I worked on a Carnival band drinks truck called Fantasy both Monday and Tuesday with family and friends. It was so hectic but the days passed by so fast. Half an hour before close off time on Tuesday night I came down off the truck along with three of my cousins and we danced until it was almost time to go home. We had so much fun. It was the best part of those two days.

Carnival is over now and it's back to reality so this is my last Carnival post. I enjoyed Carnival a lot even though I didn't really participate much. It went by too fast for me though. Have a great and productive week.

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