Sunday, February 1, 2015

Online Shopping

Online Shopping has always been a dream of mine. I used to see so many items that I wished I could buy but I didn't have a credit card and I still don't have one but my mom got one. I wasn't working so a credit card would have basically been pointless. So I have been using my mom's own until I get my own which I will be applying for soon because I am working but instead it would be a master card. I live in Trinidad and Tobago so the prices here verses in United States or other countries differs a lot. It is more cheaper overseas to purchase certain clothing and electronics. But what I enjoy about it the most is that I get to do it in the comfort of my own home without all the hustle and bustle. The disadvantage in that is that I don't get to try on the clothing or see the actually size of the items. I am totally obsessed with shopping online. Below is a list of my favourite sites.










I haven't bought from all the sites but I have seen people that has bought from them and they got amazing things. These sites has sale on different items all the time. Once you are subscribed they send you emails of all the deals that they have. Have a safe and productive week.

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