Sunday, March 29, 2015

College Post #2: Bullet Journal

Hey everyone. Good Morning and Happy Sunday.  I am back with a college post today. I started with having all sorts of random lists and notes all over the place. One day when I was scrolling through tumblr i stumbled upon bullet journalling. And i think it's the best thing. In my opinion it's better than a planner/agenda. Here is how i organize my bullet journal and I will also put a YouTube video of where i also got some inspiration from to do mine.

The first thing is the key of the symbols that you will be using throughout.

 You can also have a monthly list of the most important dates.

This is a what the weekly one look like.

 Another weekly one and also stuff that I want to remember like my pen pals address ( I will have another post later on in April about my pen pals)

 This is my ideas for past and upcoming blog posts.

This is what you call a tracker. It can track anything you like.

This is another part of the tracker. I track my instagram, facebook, studying, etc.

 A list of things I want to buy in the future. I actually bought the items in the speaking bubble sticky yesterday. (I plan on doing a collective haul soon.)

I added the video so you can get a closer look of what it looks like since my pictures are not the best. This is also where I got my inspiration from.

Bullet journal is basically putting all your random lists, ideas, dates that you jot down on pieces of paper into to one book just to have it all in one place. Rather than having a whole set of paper in your hand bag or all over the place. I am obsessed with it. It helps me out a lot with things I have to remember to do. It's great for a student who works like me and also for a mother or just anyone in general who likes to be organized. Tomorrow is a holiday in my country called Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day so I will be home catching up on school work. But for the rest of you all I hope you have a great and productive week at work and school.

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