Sunday, March 1, 2015

Family Reunion

My last aunt on my grandmother's side has not been feeling the best for some time now. So my family decided that they will have a big gathering/reunion with the entire family yesterday at a community centre nearby. Last week Saturday we were planning and writing a list with everyone's name and what they could bring. Then they called each person to let them know what they should bring. We got the community centre from 4 p.m till 12 p.m. The foods that they were planning to originally bring were roti, oil down, dumpling and curry crab and maybe pelau. and all was brought even the pelau along with alcohol, light drinks and a few cutters. My mom and aunt got up early and went to the community center to clean and decorate it. When I got there in the afternoon we were the first ones there. A while after everybody else started arriving. It was a night to remember. There were lots of food, laughter, conversations and fun. It was nice to see everybody all together in one place. Some of them I have never even see before. I know it's ridiculous. But overall I had a great time with everybody. We all danced the night away.

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