Sunday, March 8, 2015

Quotes of Wisdom #2

It all started when I was close to leaving from the supermarket I was working at as a cashier. I suddenly became depressed with being there. I guess maybe I was just tired of everything. Nothing was going right. Plus my ex boyfriend was working there and he used to make it hard for me sometimes. One minute we would be good and talking and the next he would turn against me and get jealous off of petty stuff. So I left a while after but this was mainly due to doing six classes in college that semester and working would have been too much to handle. During that space of time up until October 2014 when I started my new job, I was extremely depressed. I wasn't working, I wasn't going out. I started gaining weight. I secluded myself from everyone. I would always be in my bedroom, on my computer and on my phone. I didn't want to be around people. It was really bad. I was always crying at night and even during the day. I just felt alone, like I had no one. Which in reality I did. I just wasn't happy with myself or even how life was going for me at all. It was one of the worst times. I have gotten a lot better since then. Since I started back working, things seemed to get a little bit easier. Things began looking up for me. I am still not 100% happy but I am a lot better than I was back then. I saw this quote while I was scrolling through pinterest and it just spoke to me. I thought to myself yes I think it is about time for me to remember because some people in this world are struggling to survive. I have been spending a lot of time recently with a guy friend. I have been talking to people more. I hope to be seeing my girls more often but everybody is so busy. And I always have to do the planning else non of them will. It has so many people who has so much less than I do. I might not have it all but I do have a lot. I am thankful for all my blessings and I hope you guys are too. Have a great week.

P.S. Tonight I will be going and see Fifty Shades of Grey with my friends because my guy friend doesn't want to see it because of the reviews he has heard. I don't really care what people say because everybody has their own opinions. Next week Sunday I will have a review on it.

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