Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Cousin Amanda Birthday Lime

Yesterday was my cousin's birthday and she turned 23 years old. She decided that she wanted to go to the mall to watch a movie and also to go and have a drink at a restuarant called j malone. We got to the mall at 5:15 and she wasn't there yet so my cousin thia and I decided to walk around a bit until they came.When they came they made the decision to not watch the original movie we had planned to see at 6:50 which was mall cop 2 and watch fast and furious 7 instead at 9:30 (Review coming soon). We had a lot of time to kill so we went to J malone's but one of them wasnt wearing proper clothes so we couldnt get to go in so we went to another restuarant called Bootleggers instead but was only able to sit in the outside section because of the person's dresscode. We had a great time. We had drinks and food. The conversations was magnificent. Afterwards we went and watch the movie. It wasn't as sad as I expected it to be as everyone was saying. It was really good I enjoyed it. So after it was over we dropped some of them home and the rest of us went to a food outlet place called Pavili Yum and I had a burger. The best burger I have ever tasted. It was freshly made and hot. After that we went to a club called Palace. We stayed about 2 hours it was so packed and people was only bouncing us and we wasn't really feeling the vibe so we decided to leave. But overall I had a great night with friends and family and I know my cousin really enjoyed her birthday.
At the moment I am finishing up some school work for the upcoming week. I hope you all have a great and productive week.

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