Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Birthday Celebrations

I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday 29th April. I turned 22 years old. On that day I just had cake & ice cream with my family & friends. My co-workers gave me a makeup set & a card for my birthday. I had huge plans on Saturday 2nd May to go on the boardwalk with friends and family but a couple of people wasn't going so I had to cancel it because it would have been too much money for me to pay for the rest of seats because we hired a big maxi. So I ended up spending my Saturday going shopping with my best friend. I ended up piercing my nose again. I did it about 2 years ago but I had to take it out because it wasn't allowed where I used to work. I then went to my uncle's home. After we all went to pizza hut. We had a great night with a lot of jokes & laughter. And then we ended up going on the boardwalk and walked for a while. I had a lot of fun. I hope you all had a great weekend.

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