Sunday, June 14, 2015

Collective Haul (Romwe, Ebay, Pennywise, Wonderful World, Etc)

Good Morning guys. Happy Sunday. For the past three months I have been buying numerous items so i decided to put them all together in one blog post.


I heard about this site through another blogger called candace hampton aka I admire her a lot so when she posts Ootd's I look to see where she gets her clothing from so I can shop there as well. I really value her opinion when it comes to fashion. So I decided to shop there for some items and also they had a 60% off your first purchase deal. I ordered four items from them. When I check my bank statement I saw that they took out the entire amount I immediately emailed them and they told me only some items qualified for it. Now no where said that not even in fine print. I was pissed. They also shipped the items two by two. When the last two came, one of the tops was nothing like the picture. The material was totally different. I would never remember buying from this site. It was a total waste of money.


I bought some stuff from ebay in the past so I was not worried at all when it came to purchasing. I ordered two phone cases. One for my sister and I. I also ordered two eos lip balms for my sister and I as well.


This is a local store I have in my country where I get all my beauty products from. Every month end I buy items that I need to restock up on. Here is picture of what I may buy on a monthly basis.

Wonderful world

This is also another local store with beauty products. But they have a wider variety of stuff. I am obsessed with this store. I even got a loyalty card because I shop there all the time. Here are some of items I purchase there on a regular basis.

These are some items I bought from random stores that I can't remember the name of.

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