Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wash Day Hair Routine

Good Morning guys and Happy Sunday. I decided to post today the products I use and the steps I take  when I wash my hair. I have relaxed hair and I use Profectiv mega growth relaxer. I have been using it for at least more than 6 years now. I started off using Motions relaxer but eventually it stopped working for me. So I tried Dark and Lovely once but it wasn't enough. And soon after I discovered Profectiv. 

After I relax my hair I usually wait one month before I wash it. It might seem gross but if you wash it too soon it can wash out the chemicals and my hair could go back to its natural state. After it has been washed I wait two weeks before I wash it again.

The first thing I do is I go in the shower and thoroughly wet my hair. Then I use the profectiv shampoo. I shampoo my hair twice. After I use the conditioner which I use once. I thoroughly wash my hair after and make sure it is clean of all the products I use.

When I get out the shower I steam my hair for 15 to 25 mins with a steam cap and I use the ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Pak. I use the entire pack and rub it in my entire hair then put on the steam cap. After I let my hair cool for about 15 mins and then I rinse it out.

I then proceed to drying it with a blow dryer. I part it and I thoroughly blow dry it. I then use my flat iron, grease and a hair strengthening lotion together with a hair growth lotion to make sure it comes out really straight. Both lotions are the brand Profectiv. I sometimes tie my hair down after I have finished. I tried wrapping my hair before but it never stays because my hair is somewhere between short to medium length .

So this is basically my routine every time I wash my hair. The next time I wash my hair I may add an extra step. I actually bought an argan oil treatment about a month ago but I forgot to use it so next I wash my hair that will be another step. It is for dry scalp which I do have and it is something that needs to be washed out.

I hope you guys have a really productive week ahead. 

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