Monday, July 27, 2015

My cousin's surprise birthday party

Hey guys. On Friday was my cousin's 20th birthday, his girlfriend and his mom decided to have a surprise b'day party for him. They organized his family members and his friends to come for around 9 p.m. They also bought roti, snacks and drinks. But there was an incident in our country so he ended up coming home before the surprise to check on his mother so he saw everything but his girlfriend wasn't there so he just wanted to pretend like if he was surprised so he girlfriend wouldn't feel bad. So with the incident not everyone came but whoever did acted like if they didn't knew he already came so when he and his girlfriend came in the door we surprised him as normal. It was a great night. I didn't get home until 4 a.m in the morning. I didn't get any pictures because I don't have a camera and my phone doesn't take out pictures good at night. I can't seem to get the setting on the camera to work so I hope to get one soon.

My week didn't start off good so I'm a little upset but I hope you all are having a good week.
The next time I post we will be in August so I hope to be having some better content to post. I want to keep up with this because I really like doing it. It's a hobby for me so I want to step up my game a little bit with better content.

I also want another hobby to pick up because I have been really bored lately. I just go to work, watch a lot of television series, YouTube videos, blog and go to school. I do hang out with my friends and my bf but i still wanted a hobby I was thinking about doing YouTube like vlogging but i don't have a camera even though I could use my phone but it might take a while to get use to doing that.

But hopefully I will figure out something soon.

What I wore to the party

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Quotes of Wisdom #3

For a while now I have been experiencing so much pain and hurt in my life. I have been feeling depressed like if everything is just coming to an end. But that is life and we have to deal with it. A lot of things happen so you could learn how to be sad and appreciate things when they are happy or when u are going through hard times to appreciate when things are financially great. God doesn't give us more that we can handle. We must keep pushing forward. Things will get better. It's been three years I have been single and I never ever thought I might have ever been in a relationship again. Things happen when you least expect it too. I am forever grateful that I have met him. I am still unhappy about my job and other stuff. But I'm currently in the process of trying to get another job so I can fix everything else. But things take time. Nothing happens before its time. Always remember to appreciate the little things in life.

I hope you all have a great Sunday and a productive week.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Movie Review: Ted 2

Last weekend I saw Ted 2 with my boyfriend it was one of the most hilarious movies I have seen. Usually when they have a sequel to a movie it does never be as good as the first but not this time. 

To sum of the movie the law didn't recognise Ted as being a real person so they stripped him of his marriage license, job, etc. So he had to fight them in court to prove he was.

My boyfriend has never seen the first one so he was sceptical of seeing part 2 but in the end he really liked it. He definitely wants to see the first part.

I honestly rate this movie 10 out of 10. It was really good. 

Have a great Sunday and a fantastic week.

Monday, July 6, 2015

It's official (Date #2)

Good Morning guys and Happy Monday. Once again another week starts. I can't believe we are in July already. Time is going by so fast lately. Before you blink your eyes it will be Christmas. I'm trying to enjoy life one day at a time. I met someone online about a month ago. On Saturday was our second date and even though it was kind of fast we made it official. Time doesn't mean a thing. I am really happy and I'm definitely looking forward to our relationship.

On Saturday we visited a mall that we both have never been to. It's called Movietowne. But because we didn't know our way around we just saw a movie and we had something to eat. We went and see Ted 2 (Movie review coming soon) and we had subway. So soon after we left there we went to the park to have some quiet time with each other. And it was there we made things official and we wanted to take pictures but it was already dark and we were a little sweaty and drenched because we walked through the rain. I had a great time with him and I could see that he means well and this relationship is totally going to be different from the rest of my relationships.

My look for our date

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