Sunday, August 16, 2015

School Update #2: End of short semester

Good Morning. I hope you had an amazing weekend. The semester ended for me on the 5th of August so I decided to do a recap of it.

It was a 2 month semester. Each class is two days. I only did one class this semester which was Principles of Management. My classes was on Mondays and Wednesdays. My lecturer on the school site was suppose to be a male but it ended up being a female. Her name was Melissa Khalliwan. She was one of the coolest lecturers. She was reasonable when it came to assignments and exams. She helped a lot with guiding us.

I failed this class already so I really wanted to to pass it. It was really hard coming down to the ending of the semester because I had 2 of the worst group members. It was four of us in a group. They were just doing their own thing and not co-operating with us at all. I was so frustrated. I just wanted the semester to be over with at this point. When It was time to study for finals I was so discouraged and annoyed. I just wanted the semester to be over with.

Thankfully I got a little bit of studying in. I passed the final exam and overall I passed the class. I was so happy. I have five more subjects to do in order to graduate. Registration for the next semester starts at midnight tonight and I am signing up for three classes which falls on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The semester starts on the 1st of September. So I have two more weeks left for vacation.

I don't really have plans so I'm going with the flow for the rest of the little summer vacation that I have. Hope you all have a productive week.

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