Friday, December 11, 2015

25 Days of Christmas (Day 12) - Budget friendly online shops to get presents

There are so many stores that you can shop at for presents. I prefer online shopping because it beats the hastle of the crowds. Here are some of my favourite online stores which are budget friendly and their clothes are super trendy.

1. UrbanOg. This store is priced a little or the higher end but they have really great pieces of clothing.

2. Forever21. This is a very well known store. Their items are very reasonable so is their shipping rates. 

3. Dresslink. This store is wholesale but you can also buy single items. There clothes are mostly made for small people but the items are really great.

4. Amazon. I think anything you can thing of you can purchase on amazon. They have a wide variety of stuff to choose from. Electronics, clothing, makeup, stationery, etc.

5. 10 dollar mall. Everything is $10 and below.

6. MissA. Everything is $1. They have some really great jewellry.

There are so many others like Ebay, Rainbow, SammyDress, Aliexpress just to name a few. So instead of having to go over budget you can check out some of these stores.

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