Friday, December 11, 2015

25 Days of Christmas (Day 13) - Dear Santa (Christmas Wishlist)

Good Morning. Happy Sunday!!!

Today I wanted to share with you all something a little more personal. As the years go by my "Christmas Wishlist" changes. Even though I do not believe in Santa Claus I just wanted to pen this letter to him stating some of the things that I wish for.

Dear Santa, 
                  I might not have been a good girl this year lol but here is some of the things I wish for.
It has been so much of a struggle being a full time college student and having a full time job. I have lost motivation, I wanted to give up because I was so over it. I have also failed courses but I have not given up. All I ask is that I am able to pass these last five courses so I can graduate in June 2016, god's willing.
I have started thinking about my future after I graduate and I definitely want to take makeup classes, do a course in microsoft office and definitely do my bachelors. I am hoping that everything can work out.
In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I met someone and have been a relationship with them. It honestly felt like he was the one. But a person's true colours starts to show only when you have gotten with them. So I have actually been single for the past 3 months. So I am hoping to meet someone in 2016 and definitely do things different this time.
And the most important thing of all is that I wish for me to be happy once again. I was always this cheerful person who loves to hang out with friends, go to parties and just overall have fun. But somehow I have lost that part of me and I do hope in 2016 I could get it all back.


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