Wednesday, December 2, 2015

25 Days of Christmas (Day 2) - Christmas Decor Ideas

Hey Guys. Today is all about decor ideas for your home. I gathered 10 of the best decor ideas from pinterest to share with you all. I will also be putting the original link to the post with each picture.

1. DIY Christmas Centerpiece. This first idea is basically self explanatory. All you have to do is get a glass jar and place some ornaments in it. It will make a great decor idea and can be placed anywhere throughout the household. 


2.  Pine Cone Garland.  For this idea you will need pinecones, white paint and red yarn. It can be placed along the fire place and also around the windows.

3.  DIY Sock Snowman Ornament. This is an adorable idea and also very easy.  You will need a clear ornament, a sock, white paint, a red ribbon/string, a string to hang the ornament and sharpies.

4. Red and White Christmas Decor. This idea you will need, vases, some flowers and letter stickers from your local craft store.

5. Candy Cane Centerpiece. You need candycanes, roses and red ribbon.

6.  Name Holder. You will need two candy canes, red ribbon, craft paper and a pen.

7.  Branches with lights. This idea is great for small spaces. You will need branches, ornaments and lights.

8. Christmas Tree Form. You will need a paper cone, glue and yarn. You can also use beads that you drape around the christmas tree.

9.  Mason Jar Snow Globes. You need a mason jar, a glue gun, water, fake snow and ornaments.

10.  Ornament Wreath. You will need a circular pipe, ornaments and a glue gun.

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