Monday, August 15, 2016

Embarrasing School Story

In the light of the upcoming new school term, I would like to share with you all an embarrassing school story from the first primary school I attended.

One morning when i was in standard 3, i had fitness cereal for breakfast and im not sure if i ate too much but when i got to school i was feeling upset and the assembly was going on so i didn't know what to do so i just stood there and i vomited infront the entire assembly and everybody just stared at me. Until one of my friends rushed me to the back of the school where the sinks were to help me clean up. A while after my form teacher carried me to the staff room and helped me clean up the rest. It was so embarassing lol.

I know it was a pretty short story but when it was happening it felt like the embarrassment wouldn't end. I hope you all have a great new school term.

A Memory - Graduation 2010

Good Morning. I have finished secondary school six (6) years ago. It doesn't feel like if it has been so long. I wanted to share some pictures from my graduation night. I have a lot more but I just decided to share five of them.

This was my boyfriend at the time. He didn't attend that school he just went as my date. 

My cousin photo bombing in the back and my sister smiling.

My mom and my sister.

5 life hacks for back to school

Good Morning. It is almost time for back to school. In my country all schools start the same day which is the first monday in September. I want to share with you all some back to school life hacks that definitely worked for me.

1. When I am learning something I speak to myself as if I am teaching it. It helped me to remember it as I was speaking it out loud.

2. Always have an emergency kit. You never know when you will need something last minute whether it is the time of the month or you have a headache. 

3. Have a homework caddy. This sound kind of childish but it can be used by anyone whether they are in a college or it can even be used be in a home office. When it time for me to do homework or a list I am always looking for a pencil or pen and I can never find one. So to be more organized you can have a homework/desk caddy.

4. You can put a picture of your class schedule as your lock screen for the first few weeks of school.

5. You can colour code your notebook to easily grab the right one.

FOTD: A Touch Of Blue

This is definitely a great look for a summer night out. It's more on the smokey side with a hint of gold in the corner.  I actually ...