Sunday, September 4, 2016

Semi-Annual Favourites

Hello everyone! Welcome back. I decided to take a little break from blogging but I am back today with my favourites. I decided that I will do these semi annually so in that way I will have a wider variety of items to share.

L.A Girl Primer - I have started using this a couple of months ago and I am in love with it. It retails for 40TT. The sales clerk told it was a matte primer and it definitely is. 

L.A. Girl Setting Spray - I decided to but the spary to go along with it. The combination of the two gives my face a nice smooth finish. This also retails for 40TT.

City Color Bold Brow Eyebrow Gel - I decided to try this gel to hold my brows in place because I have some stubborn hairs lol. This is amazing. It firmly holds my eyebrows in place and gives it a nice glossy look. It retails for 20TT.

Selfie Light - The phone that I currently have is the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. The camera quality is not the best especially at night. So I decided to buy this selfie light. It works really well. I purchased it on Ebay and it retails for 2.16 U.S
Milani Eyeshadow Primer - Before I started using this I had the Sacha EyeAdhesive which worked well at first but it was creasing a lot. So I decided to purchase something new and I love it. It doesn't crease and it comes out nude. It retails for 52TT

I am currently on a makeup group on facebook called the caribbean makeup lovers. They were saying that this product is amazing so I decided to give a try. It comes out like a marker. The best thing to use to do winged eyeliner. It retails for 20TT

I bought this dress for my birthday from Sammy Dress but it didn't make it in time so I wore it to my cousin's birthday event instead. It retails for 7.12 U.S. Excuse the garbage lol.

I am obsessed with nail polishes. So I decided to purchase a few in gel because it stays on longer than ordinary nail polishes. They retail for 15TT each

I am currently this colour on my nails and toes.

I needed a new wallet. So I purchased this small one. It has a lot space but its also neat and compact. It retails for 115TT 

I love buying new phone cases. So I purchased thes on Ebay. One is just a back cover and the other is a wallet case. They retail for 5 U.S

I am obsessed with taking selfies so I know for sure this will come in handy. It works great and it retails for 60TT

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