Sunday, January 29, 2017

Life after university

Good Morning Guys and Happy Sunday!!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend like I did. And it's still not over yet. I am about to go to my cousin's house for a pool lime today.

I recently finished university about a month ago and honestly it has been horrible. I have looked high and low for jobs. I have sent out a million resumes before I even finished school and still nothing. Because I don't have any experience it makes it even harder.

The way how the economy is set up as well also makes it challenging. A lot of people have been let go from their jobs. The only places that might be hiring is fast food outlets and clothing stores. The corporate world is the hardest to get into right now.

But patience is a virtue. Never give up on what you want to do. Keep pushing forward and believing, Have faith. Nothing happens before it's time. Nothing in life comes easy.

For this past month I have just been at home enjoying my mini vacation and I hope something comes up soon. I do plan on going back to school but it wouldn't be until 2018 or 2019 once god spears life. Thank god I have an understand mother who helps me out.

I hope everyone has an outstanding week ahead.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Bh Cosmetics 36 PC Brush Set Review

In November, I bought the 36 PC Brush Set from Bh Cosmetics during the Cyber Monday Extended Sale. The Black Friday Sale and the actual Cyber Monday Sale it was retailing at it's original price of 34 U.S but at that time I wasn't ready to buy it so when I was it so happened to be on sale at 24 U.S. It was one of the best investments I ever made. The brushes are really nice and soft. The application is everything. It comes in a really nice case which can be used if you are travelling or on the go. It really gets the job done. This set is great for personal use. A makeup artist would still need more brushes but it is good for their kit as well. I am a self taught makeup enthusiast. So this kit is every thing for me. I originally have a 14 PC brush kit from Ambrosia Cosmetics as well as I had bought 4 single brushes from Coastal Scents a couple years ago. So together they work wonders. I highly recommend this kit for anyone who is thinking of getting it.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Movie Review: Sleepless

On Friday I decided to go out and see the movie sleepless. It was the best decision I made. I am a sucker for action and theatrics. This movie stars Jamie Foxx, Gabrielle Union and T.I.

The plot of the movie is that Jamie Foxx is an undercover cop who stole drugs from the "Big Boys" but it didn't work out and they ended up kidnapping his son.

There were some parts of the movie that could have been played out better. Some things just happened too easy.

But I really enjoyed it and it ended where there will be a part two and I will definitely be going to see it whenever it comes out.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

My first time trying Starbucks

Starbucks came in to my country at the ending of October and there is already three locations. A couple of days ago I decided to visit them along with my sister and my cousin. I ordered the ice passion tea and it tasted amazing. I definitely want to visit them soon. The next time I visit I am going to order the Iced Caramel Machiato. I have heard good things about it. 

FOTD: A Touch Of Blue

This is definitely a great look for a summer night out. It's more on the smokey side with a hint of gold in the corner.  I actually ...