Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The top 5 editing apps for android phones

Hey guys, I have decided to take a two month hiatus because I needed some time to brainstorm ideas and I also haven't been feeling to write lately. But I am back and better than ever and I hope you guys are doing great.

I have been team android android for the past couple of years. So i wanted to share with you the top 5 best editing apps for android. I do have more than 5 editing apps on my phone which is shown below in the screen shot. But I wanted to talk about these five (5).

In no particular order:

  • PhotoGrid - I use this app for everything, For my filters, collages, to crop my pictures in order to post them to instagram, etc. The photos below wasn't edited, they were just put into collages, hence no before pictures

  • PhotoEditorPro - I also use this for the same reason I use PhotoGrid

  • Piclab - This app comes with little writings and designs and I use it to add an extra touch to my pictures

  • Airbrush - I use this app for all my imperfections. To concealer my under eye, to smooth out my face and take off the shininess on my face

  • Blur - I use this to blur out my background or anything I don't want to show 

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